What we do

The Center for Moving Cultures provides education, fosters research and develops performance that deepens the understanding of the moving body and the physical cultures that grow from it.

Bodily processes are the core of perception and decision-making.  By deepening our ability to sense and feel, we become more perceptive and informed creators of self and society, re-creating our internal and external culture by moving and sensing.

We have 6 key areas of focus:

  1. EDUCATION—CMC advances the inclusion of kinaesthetic learning in all levels of education.

  2. RESEARCH—CMC disseminates research about the moving body and its effect on society.

  3. PERFORMANCE—CMC nurtures the creation of movement-centered performance

  4. SOCIAL JUSTICE—CMC develops social equity through movement practices.

  5. TRANSNATIONAL DIALOGUE—CMC fosters transnational dialogue about the moving body.

  6. ORGANIZATIONAL HEALTH—CMC dedicates organizational resources to the financial, structural, imaginative, and social health of the organization.